Monday, December 27, 2010

Nanny's Tales The Dragon and the Unicorn

Starting with Nanny's adventures of a princess-turned-unicorn, FutureWord Publishing has a signed contract to publish one of the series of a grandmother's adventures with her grandchildren. Nanny is not like any other grandmother. She dresses much younger than the average granny would. To her nine year-old granddaughter, Kirstin and her four-year-old grandson, Michael, she is their ticket into some dreamy, but edge-of-your-seat action. The story brings to the reader a vivid picture of beauty through the images drawn by the storytelling alone. Add the talents of Valerie Bouthyette and you have a captivating book for young readers.

Katherine Coppinger's stories were originally written to read to her grandchildren. Now she has decided to present one of them to FutureWord, who is now ready to illustrate a 22 page story that actually was first written out to take up the space of a novella for children if combined with the sister story, Nanny and the Frocodile King.

The storybook opens with Kirstin and Michael flying kites while Nanny is working in the flower bed. Their kites look like a dragon and a unicorn. Suddenly, the kites come to life and the dragon soars upward to a castle somewhere in the sky with Michael tucked away snugly with his dragon tail. Nanny and Kirstin are left with the unicorn who explains that the dragon is really a mean sorcerer who would like to marry the unicorn but when she refused, he turned her into a unicorn and himself into a dragon. The kidnapping of Michael is a just a lure for her to go to his rescue so the sorcerer can try to get her to change her mind and marry him. Nanny won't tolerate this. According to Kirstin's faith in Nanny, it will all be over for the dragon once Nanny arrives. So off they go with the unicorn to attempt the rescue.

The 8 by 10 children's picture book has 44 pages of text and pictures. The total number of pages is 50. It is perfect bound and is available on Amazon. See for details.

Fans of Nanny's Tales

Gavin and Greyson are reading their Christmas present. Dad works with the author, Katherine Coppinger and shared this great picture of his sons and their book.